Religious Upbringing

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:
The soul that rises with us, our life's star,
Hath had elsewhere it's setting,
And cometh from afar:

Wordsworth, Intimations of Immortality

We come from a world of spirit. For children baptized in The Christian Community, and for those whose parents choose it, the Sunday Service for Children and religious instruction keep alive and renew children's awareness of their origin in the spirit, their heavenly home. Attendance begins around age seven, leading to Confirmation at age fourteen.

The inner truth of the child is recognized and supported in religious instruction that supplements the children's service. It follows the stages of the religious development of humanity reflected in the child's development:

  • veneration of the spirit in nature (myths and legends);
  • security in the divine guidance of destiny (Old Testament);
  • becoming aware of Christ in individual human life (New Testament).

For children, the experience of finding a spiritual home on earth is strengthened through festival celebrations and children's summer camps.

After Confirmation the aim is to lead the growing young person to a religious view of the world that is supported by his or her own experience and insight. Young people take part in youth conferences and in the life of the community, but full membership in The Christian Community depends ultimately on a mature personal decision as an adult.