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100 year anniversary of the Christian Community

At one hundred years a religious Christian community is still young. Yet, an anniversary always lends itself to reflect on the years gone by and to asking the question: how does the Christian community of today relate to its past and future?

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The Christian Community has a new Erzoberlenker

The Christian Community has a priestly hierarchy, which is differentiated into priests, Lenker, two Oberlenker and an Erzoberlenker. The Erzoberlenker is at the center of the activity of the priestly circle.

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Hans-Werner Schroeder * 24. August 1931 in Frankfurt/Oder  17. September 2016 in Ostfildern

Hans-Werner Schroeder was manager of the Priests' Seminary in Stuttgart to-gether with Gottfried Husemann and Friedrich Benesch for many years; aside from that he was appointed as oberlenker, together with Johannes Lenz, to the in-ternal management of the Christian Community. It wasn't only in this area of re-sponsibility where he left his mark on the Christian Community effectively.

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The European Court of Justice administers justice to the 
Christian Community

- Victory by stages on its way to the recognition as a church -

The “Christian Community”, founded by theologians and priests in 1922 as movement for religious renewal, has been justified by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Since 1995 the Christian Community attempted to obtain the status as a “legally recognised church” in Austria, a status which was granted long ago to the Christian Community in some EU-states, Germany amongst them.

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Friedrich Benesch’s national socialist past

Friedrich Benesch (1907-1991) played an important role in the Christian Community – as principal of many years standing of the Priests’ seminar in Stuttgart and as a lecturer worldwide much in demand. Before being ordained as a priest in 1947, he had worked as a Protestant minister in Siebenbürgen, being an enthusiastic Nation­al Socialist.

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Haverbeck not representative for the Christian Community

The Christian Community is politically neutral. Sometimes it is blamed that it re-accepted the former high-ranking Nazi-functionary Werner Georg Haverbeck (28th Oct.1909 – 18th Oct.1999) “with all honours“ into its circle. That is not true.

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