Financial Considerations

The Christian Community is financially independent and meets its expenses solely through the voluntary contributions and donations from its members and friends. Those who are committed to supporting its work pledge a regular monthly amount. Other possibilities include contributing to collections after services and events, making donations, and leaving legacies.

Members and friends themselves determine the amount of their contributions

  • according to their gratitude for the work of The Christian Community;
  • according to the needs of the congregation, and the whole movement, which are reported during the course of the year;
  • according to the financial ability of each individual.

Congregations contribute to a central fund from which expenses can be met for

  • the coordination of the work in the region;
  • the expansion of the work of The Christian Community;
  • the furtherance of priest training;
  • the support of retired priests and their dependents, as well as for other centrally administered tasks.

Depending on the country, there may be tax benefits for all contributions. Inquire locally.