The Christian Community international

Movement for religious renewal

The Christian Community works for a renewal of Christian life. It brings together individuals in its communities who seek to become Christians in a form appropriate for our time.

In the center of religious life in The Christian Community is the new service of worship, the Act of Consecration of Man.

Who we are

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International Youth Festival of the Christian Community
Ascension · May 20 - 24, 2020 · Darmstadt, Germany

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Frequently asked questions

Is The Christian Community connected to any other church or religious movement?

No. The Christian Community is a completely independent Christian movement. It was founded as a new impulse within Christianity. The founders were, in some cases, formerly active as ministers in other churches - notably the German Lutheran church - whilst others were theological students. The Christian Community's unique approach to church life and practice came through the willing help and advice given through Rudolf Steiner. The original priestly ordination was received by Friedrich Rittelmeyer who then enabled others to be ordained into the priesthood of The Christian Community. Priestly empowerment was received 'vertically' rather than through any established historical apostolic succession.

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Zeitschrift »Die Christengemeinschaft«

Güte vermag viel. In ihr liegt eine Freundlichkeit den Menschen gegenüber, die nicht einfach moralisch ist, sondern durch Nachsicht und Aufmunterung dem anderen ermöglicht, zu sich selbst zu kommen. – Wie schöne wäre es, im Laufe seines Lebens ein gütiger Mensch zu werden.