The Sacraments

The Act of Consecration of Man is the centerpiece of sacramental life. In addition, there are six other sacraments that give renewal and direction to the natural course of our lives. The receiving of sacraments is prepared with a priest, when possible, in individual conversations beforehand, in order to strengthen the consciousness and understanding of what will take place.

Baptism receives the child into the religious community. The two chosen godparents are the community’s representatives.

Confirmation takes place at the age of fourteen to strengthen and support a young person's path into life.

Marriage blesses the decision of a man and woman to share community of life, and build for the future the beginnings of the reunited human being, reuniting the separation into man and woman. The sacrament is supported by two chosen witnesses.

The Last Anointing, along with the burial ritual, helps the dying to free themselves from the body and move into body-free spiritual life.

Sacramental Consultation (by request and confidential) is religious counseling for one's life destiny, and supports individual efforts to find new responsibility for and renewal of one's own life.

Ordination. In The Christian Community both men and women can become priests.

The sacraments are Christ's way of speaking to us and of our joining in his deed at important junctures in our lives. Through them he nourishes and supports our earthly existence.