The Central Archive of The Christian Community in Berlin

The central archive contains material from the religious, social and cultural work of The Christian Community.

History of the archive

The archive began with the move of the leadership of The Christian Community from Stuttgart to Berlin in 2004. Material has been gathered from the earliest beginnings to the present day.


Written documents, photographs and other material is held from the foundation of The Christian Community to the present day. Besides documents arising from the regular work there are also special collections relevant to the history of The Christian Community. Handwritten and typed correspondence, notes, diaries, lectures, sermons, etc. as well as an extensive collection of photographs and illustrations, give an insight into the founding personalities, priests and others, of this movement. Particularly valuable are the pictures of church buildings, chapels, altars and ritual implements.


The reference library consists of publications by priests of The Christian Community around the world which is kept up to date. There is also reading material about the work and history of The Christian Community and related fields. This core collection is supplemented by numerous booklets, pamphlets and articles as well as the complete series of the journal Die Christengemeinschaft (and its predecessor Tatchristentum).

Present and future

The archive is interested in receiving and looking after estate material that is relevant to The Christian Community.

The archive is still at an early stage of organisation, and cataloguing and indexing of material is ongoing. Enquiries are welcome, and visits to the archive are welcome (appointments necessary). It is available to researchers from both within and outside The Christian Community.


Archive director: Wolfgang Gädeke
Archive assistant: Janine Jenitschonok M.A.

Central Archive of The Christian Community
Gubener Str.47a
10243 Berlin
Tel.: +49-30-609 785 12
Email: nepuvi@puevfgratrzrvafpunsg.betgro.tfahcsniemegnetsirhc@vihcra

Public transport:
S 5, S 7, S 75 (Warschauer Str)
U 5 (Weberwiese) 
Tram M 10 (Grünberger Str. / Warschauer Str.)
Tram M 13 (Warschauer Str. / Kopernikusstr.)

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Thursday 10.00 – 13.00, please call or write beforehand

Last updated: June 2015