The service of worship

The Eucharist meal, the sacrament of bread and wine that has found different forms in the Christian churches, lives in the Act of Consecration of Man in a new form. This at first sight unusual name brings to expression that we can become full human beings only with the help of Christ, who endows those who seek him, come to know him and follow him, with his healing power.

In the archetypal form of this service, we find the four steps: Proclaiming of the Gospel, Offering, Transubstantiation, and Communion. This new Mass is a path for the human being to Christ. The creed, a short sermon, and the Lord's Prayer are also integrated into the service.

As the year on Earth has its seasons, so the year in the life of the soul has its reflection in the festivals of the Christian year. The altar and liturgical vestments display the colors of each festival, reflecting its special characteristic and mood.

The service of worship is a living earthly picture of higher spiritual events. Colors and forms of the vestments and vessels help to make what happens invisibly in the service shine through.

Visitors are also welcome to take part in the service. Personal experience and impressions are the best way to become acquainted with it, and have more weight and meaning than any description.