Retirement Agreement on an International Basis

Description of Cost-Sharing of Priest Retirement Between the Regions and the Foundation

Every region/country is responsible for retirement planning for their working priests. The region/Country where the retiree chooses to live will be responsible for the administration, in consultation with the Foundation.

Amount of Support:
will be determined by each region/country where the retiree resides, depending on the current living conditions prevailing in that region and as deemed appropriate, relative to priest's stipends in that region.

Support Sharing:
prorated by region/country according to the number of years the retiree spent there as a working priest. Social benefits, any other income, and retiree's assets are taken into consideration.

Share of Support:
The regions/countries reimburse the region/country where the retiree resides for their share of support, as determined by the support sharing agreement. In the case where a region is subject to severe financial difficulties, this region may apply for the help of the Foundation.

The retirement plan of The Christian Community is unfunded; present income is used to cover present expenses.

Edited by Armin Knabe in August 2008 on a suggestion of the Southern African Council
Decision of the Council in September 2006


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