Hans-Werner Schroeder * 24. August 1931 in Frankfurt/Oder † 17. September 2016 in Ostfildern

  • Hans-Werner Schroeder was manager of the Priests' Seminary in Stuttgart to-gether with Gottfried Husemann and Friedrich Benesch for many years; aside from that he was appointed as oberlenker, together with Johannes Lenz, to the in-ternal management of the Christian Community. It wasn't only in this area of re-sponsibility where he left his mark on the Christian Community effectively.
  • One distinguishing feature of his work may have been: Apart from his resolution to become a priest, never did he look for his aims because of his preferences but he did what he considered to be still unresolved in his church. That is mirrored espe-cially in his books: Together with Johannes Lenz he wrote manuscripts for a bet-ter understanding of the sacraments, and he displayed basic true realities of a re-newed Christianity, for instance: the Second Coming of Christ, the Realms of the angels, the Trinity, the multiplicity of Evil.
  • When it became obvious that the manager of the Seminary and prominent lec-turer Friedrich Benesch had a noticeable national-socialistic past, Schroeder tried to work that off in a biography of Benesch. Even though there are still questions open, Schroeder succeeded in fending off a "legend of a saint".

Frank Hörtreiter, Representative of public relations for the Christian Community