100 year anniversary of the Christian Community

At one hundred years a religious Christian community is still young. Yet, an
anniversary always lends itself to reflect on the years gone by and to asking the
question: how does the Christian community of today relate to its past and future?
On September 16th 1922 the first Act of consecration of Man was celebrated making
this date the birthday of the Christian Community. Without Rudolf Steiner’s help, the
Christian Community would not have come into being. Nonetheless none of its
members have to profess anthroposophy.

Since the first 45 priests went out into the world, much has changed (and maybe has
become more bourgeois), and in the meantime there are communities in all parts of
the world. Ideals have been the same since the beginning, especially trust in the self-
determination of each Christian.

To João Torunsky, the new Erzoberlenker the following applies: “Man finds access to
truth within himself,” and he concludes: “We have the task of forming a community
of individualities.” Therefore, there should be no dogmatism and no moral laws
imposed from above.

At the same time the search for Christ unites us and heightens our awareness to not
only being a responsible member of humanity but also part of creation as a whole.
The Christian Community considers this a global and spiritual task which cannot be
fulfilled by their members alone. It does not claim sole responsibility, but seeks

The congress LOGOS – Consecrating Humanity marking the beginning of the second
century of the Christian Community (October 7-11, 2022 in Dortmund www.logos-
2022.org, conference office vasb@ybtbf-2022.betgro.2202-sogol@ofni ) is to bear witness to this openness;
it has been prepared by many communities in smaller meetings.

Hanover, 23.5.2022
Frank Hörtreiter
Public Relations Officer of The Christian Community